Who: Heidi. Mumma to Joan, aged 6 months.
When: Friday 12th February, 11:52am.
Where: Mornington Peninsula, Australia. My bathroom and couch.
What: eating lunch and reading a book. Eating: a salad made with rocket, cucumber, tomato, spring onion, avocado, fresh basil, oil-packed canned salmon and a side of Dr Karg's crackers. Reading: Dumbo Feather magazine.

My baby is a sling baby. For most of her naps since she was born my daughter has slept on my chest. I adore having her close to me, feeling her breaths as she snuggles in. During this time I might take a walk, fold laundry or sit at the computer writing. Some days I'll be away from home at a cafe or friend's house, but that doesn't matter because the beauty of a sling baby is that no matter where you are, they can nap. It's convenient and we love it. Recently, however, I got to thinking that it might be nice to eat a meal without a small person attached to me, especially now she has started grabbing my food. Oh, to recline and read and rest...now that's an idea. To not worry whether bubs will rub her eyes after touching my avocado toast that I liberally sprinkle with chilli flakes, or to eat hot soup again! I'd quite fancy that. And so, I started introducing a bed nap once or twice a day, just to take a moment for myself (those mumma's with "velcro babies" will know what a novelty it is to go to the bathroom with the door closed). Some days it doesn't work, and many times you'll find me hovering over her, acrobatically, with my boob in her mouth if she stirs after a few minutes, trying to get her back to sleep. But most of the time I get 30-40 minutes to stop, eat, read, refresh, and maybe practice a little pilates (I've got to build up my core strength for the inevitable bed hovering). And I've gotta say, as much as I adore my baby napping on my chest, this "me time" has been quite restorative.

On the day of the successful bed nap + Bathroom Salad Selfie above, I had a thought, "I wonder what other mums are doing while their babies nap!?" This stepping away and stopping practice was new to me, crunching on crackers without fear of decorating my baby's head in crumbs, and I wanted to see what other mums, dads, grandparents and nanny's were doing. I wanted to share and connect. I wanted us to remind each other that these moments are good for us, vital even, now matter how small the action or short the pause, and no matter how many chores/duties/other children surround it. So I snapped a couple of pictures and text my husband, informing him that I needed a new website. And here we are. Hi, there.

This is a call for submissions. Please, send me a picture of what you're up to while your babe (or babes!) naps. Note who you are, the date and time, where you're from and what you're doing. It doesn't have to be a photograph of yourself, nor must it be an act of self-care. The reality is that many people will be working during naptime, and sometimes we'll be cleaning poo off the couch (and if you want to snap that, by all means, be my guest), but the hope is that this site will encourage us all to leave whatever tasks can wait and take a little moment for ourselves. This also extends to mummas (and others) with older kids who aren't napping anymore. You will hopefully have a few moments for yourself when your little one is asleep, whether in the morning or at night. Those moments are golden.

Heidi xo

A bit about me: My name is Heidi. I live in Australia on the Mornington Peninsula, in a house surrounded by trees, with my highschool sweetheart husband and baby girl. I am a lover of spaghetti and lemons. My online journal is called Apples Under My Bed, and it is here where I write about my life, what I cook and eat and everything in between. I am a Dietitian and this, in addition to growing up with a mother who is a skilled homecook with impeccable taste and kitchen grace, informs my food choices. You can find me on instagram @heidiapples, over at Apples Under My Bed and my Dietitian service site, Gather and Grow Nutrition, and now here, sharing what I get up to While The Babe Naps.